Hi, August 29th. This month ->

I became a PADI certified scuba diver. If you’ve ever wondered what the bottom of the Homestead Crater is like, I’ll fill you in. It’s very dark and hot and the sand feels gooey and you can stick your hand up to the elbow in it and feel bubbles blooping up from the bottom. I think there is a sea dragon down there.

I went to a developer conference. The talks! The swag! The food! The javascript twitter celebrities! I listened to talks about D3 data visualizations and finite state machines and React Native and it was all so fun. I was talking to the Gosh Damn creator of the Elm programming language for an hour over dinner before I realized who he was. I met the author of my favorite Javascript satire article. This is too nerdy so I’m gonna stop there.

I enjoyed summer a lot. I had fun every single day. I did a lot of stuff by myself, too.

I went to the Book of Mormon musical. Salt Lake City is where that show belongs. How did it gain any traction and acclaim outside of Utah? Do people with no background in Mormonism even get the jokes? How can something be so offensive without being mean-spirited? Why is the song “Spooky Mormon Hell Dream” still stuck in my head after weeks? So many questions.

I continued to Sorta marathon train. Yeah I’m using this cool new training plan, it’s called Sorta, it’s where you sometimes run but usually don’t. I’ve run a couple half-distances and they weren’t much trouble, so I’ll be okay, but I won’t be fast or anything. It’s about a month away. (I know this sounds totally irresponsible, but I really will be fine and it’ll be a lot of fun)

I moved! Four blocks down the street! That was a whole thing. I was really sweaty that day. But then I took a shower and sat on the couch and everything was fine and the same except I was in a different apartment.

I experienced eclipse FOMO because I couldn’t make it to the path of totality.

I started getting into mountain biking. Someone offered me a trade for their pimped out Giant Reign and I couldn’t say no. It turns out hiking on wheels is pretty fun.

This month’s playlist is pretty low effort, and I was way too into Ty Segall.

Ready for ya September. And then Halloween and fall weather and Thanksgiving and Christmas and skiing and 2018. So much to look forward to.

  • I am glad you had fun every single day!! Congrats on the new place!