I just want to run trails and eat nectarines

On Saturday morning I ran a trail half marathon and I got home and showered and put on this stupid shirt and ate a nectarine. I sent a stupidly grinny snapchat selfie (bc am millennial af), half-eaten fruit in frame, to my friend with this caption: “ASK ME HOW MY SATURDAY IS GOING.”

Trail running is the best. It’s like hiking, but a little faster. There are hills to climb and branches to trip over, but nobody cares how fast you go and you can’t compare any two different routes anyway.

I’ve always always been a road runner, but I think I’m over it. It’s still fun but why would you choose repetitive pavement-pounding over bouncy rock-dodging and stream-hopping and pinecone-squishing? While also seeing some of the most beautiful scenery in the world?

Other nice things that happened this weekend:

  • I bought a gaming laptop!
  • I walked to tower theater and watched some short films from Sundance this year since I didn’t make it to the festival!
  • I had a frappuccino!
  • I made hash browns!
  • I hung out with a very beautiful and elegant poodle!
  • I went to a mexican restaurant and got a drink with a rubber ducky floating in it!


  • What! Very impressed by the rubber duck and the elegant poodle. Successful week.