Weekends in my city

A few times a week I get smacked in the face with this weird feeling of satisfaction and real actual joy to be existing.

For starters, my typical weekdays are very good. I get to see the sun poke through my blinds every morning, go running, cook food, ride the train, write code, read books, pet my dog, be with great people. And then, on top of all that, every week for two days I don’t have to work and I can do absolutely anything I want. Weekends. They are marvelous and mysterious and I don’t know why we are allowed to have them because isn’t life supposed to suck and be difficult?

(I’m oversimplifying. Of course life is hard sometimes, but honestly, those times are easy to forget while at a late Saturday morning brunch being served crispy hash browns by a tattooed waiter.)

On those two special days, I can sleep in or I can wake up early and go running at Liberty Park. I can go to a museum or outdoor concert or on a motorcycle ride or pub crawl. I can run errands on my bicycle or catch a movie at the Broadway theater or clean the bathroom or practice drums or get my car washed or aimlessly walk around Costco. I can go to Caputo’s for a sandwich with the freshest mozzarella or Purgatory for fried cauliflower tacos. I can go rock climbing or hiking or river rafting. I can buy peas and bok choy from the farmer’s market and make a stir fry.

I know things won’t always be this way. There will probably come a time when I choose to have more actual responsibilities, and I hope I’ll cherish that time too. But for right now, I have the luxury of free weekends, and I’ll run with it.

This past Sunday I woke up wanting to be in water, and decided on a tube float at the Weber river. I was thinking it’d be a relaxing activity perfect for snacks and drinks and less-than-practical swimwear. The class 2 and 3 rapids had a different idea. I ended up with a Pringles can full of river water, missing sunglasses, and a lot of scrapes and bruises. Falling into a rapid while trying to eat cubes of watermelon from a tupperware was terrifying and hilarious and I would definitely do it over again.

Maybe this is turning out to be more of a love letter to Salt Lake City than to weekends. Or maybe a love letter to summer in general. Whatever the variables are, life is above average right now and I hope it stays that way.

P.S. I took exactly zero photos this weekend, which is weird for me. Also, I recommend watching the movie The Big Sick. Laughed, cried, was charmed, 10/10.